Digital Marketing Puzzle

How to Complete the Digital Marketing Puzzle

Step by Step Approach to Digital Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Growing up, and even still to this day, my mother is a huge puzzle fanatic. Every time our family was on a vacation she would break out a 1000 or 2000 piece puzzle for us to work on in the hopes we could complete it before the vacation ended. 

When you’re a kid you just start trying to find pieces that fit together and don’t really put much thought into any sort of strategy. As I got older I began to realize how ineffective and inefficient that was and my mother’s tactical approach made a lot more sense. 

As an adult and several dozens, maybe even hundreds of puzzles later, it seems quite obvious that you start with the edges for your framework, then group by colors, and for the most complex puzzles you then group by shape. This way you’re not sifting through thousands of pieces for days looking for that one piece only to get lucky enough times to be able to complete the puzzle.

Now, of course I know you didn’t come here to read about my puzzle prowess, but the application of this analogy to digital marketing is appropriate. Trying to complete the digital marketing puzzle with thousands of pieces of information online, while simultaneously hoping you get those pieces in the right order on the first time to avoid wasting potentially years of time and money is a task so daunting it causes many to simply avoid it altogether. 

The fact is, digital marketing is not more complicated than being an insurance agent. It isn’t a harder puzzle. It is just a different puzzle. Any person that sets out to own and operate an insurance agency and is capable of understanding the complexities throughout the insurance industry is more than capable of piecing together the digital marketing puzzle- especially with the help we provide that will give you a step by step strategy to avoid wasting time and money. We identify the boundaries and sort your priorities so you can maximize your efficiency.  That is what we do. 

We provide agencies with education, strategies, tools, support and even implementation assistance to help your agency excel with digital marketing so you can capture your own traffic and prospects without having to knock on every door in your town or cold call every number in the phone book. With the right strategies, you can get prospects to come to you. 

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