Ad Campaigns

Half Enchilada

$ 199
  • Generic Insurance Campaign
  • Geofencing Targeted Ads
  • Adword Campaign Setup
  • Adword Campaign Management
  • Brand Bird Dogging
  • $500 Maximum Adword Budget

The Whole Enchilada

$ 349
  • Includes the Half Enchilada
  • Unlimited Ad Budget
  • Line of Biz Prioritization
  • Remarketing
  • Enhanced Reporting

Marketing Campaigns

Advertising digitally is a long, complex cycle of trial and error- and if you just started or haven’t been tracking very well, starting from scratch is not a winning strategy.  Consider benefiting immediately from aged and optimized insurance agency campaigns. Each new registrant starts with a copy/paste of the best performing ads and strategies and then customizes to suit their own emphasis.  That new experience is then incorporated into the broader aggregate dataset- which means that every agency that signs up- increases the effectiveness of all campaigns to some degree.

Our Geo-Targeting campaigns aggressively target specific, high value demographics closest to you. By incorporating your brand and logo into ads throughout multiple mediums (search, display, mobile ads, etc.) we maximize brand visibility and build local brand awareness. This increases your chances of being in front of customers when insurance is on their mind. 

Another strategy our campaigns employ is called “Remarketing”. This is a term used to describe the strategy of digitally persisting across platforms when a user expresses interest. In other words, if they show interest by clicking on your ad on their phone for example, we then show them more of your ads across all of their devices. These are only a couple of the numerous strategies used to create local brand awareness and ultimately drive traffic to your website.      

Bird Dogging is a hunting reference used as an analogy for lurking aggressively in the shadows. In digital marketing, Brand Bird Dogging is when you leverage the demand and popularity of a particular brand to capitalize on consumers who are seeking out that company. It works especially well when the carrier has an instant quote or conversion tool that can be linked to your agency with their branding. The customer follows your ad as a substitute for going to the brands website and selecting a random agent.   

To protect the value of each campaign, we’ve implemented geographic restrictions. This helps your campaign budget go farther by avoiding a bidding war against another agent across the street that may have also signed up for our services. Because of this, eligibility is subject to approval to make sure there is an opening in your territory.

Please note…campaign budgets are set by you and are separate from the monthly cost to maintain your campaign. No contract is required. These funds are held in a type of escrow account, so should you decide to cancel at any time, any unused portion of these funds would be returned. 

Get started today to carve out your territory and block out the competition!

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