Installation guide

Below we’ve provided links to the most common content management systems (systems used to build websites) and page builders. These links will take you directly to support articles and or videos describing in detail how to add links to pages, posts, buttons, text, etc. in each one. Simply choose your management system or page builder for detailed instructions. 

If your content management system isn’t listed, simply google “how to to add a link to a page in _____”. In most cases you’ll be shown a number of ways to do this for your website. If you have no idea what any of this is because you either have a website vendor that built your site for you, or you have a person that manages your website, simply tell them you want to add some links to your website and they’ll know exactly what to do. Provide them with the links/url’s (found here) and tell them which page you would like each one placed on.

Each link/url is product specific, so the Auto link should go on your Auto/Car Insurance page. The examples to the right show a few simple illustrations of what the link could look like on your site depending on how its added. Once the user enters your page, they’ll click the link and the auto form will open for them to easily provide their information. As you can see, links can be attached to text, buttons, pictures, menus or nearly anything you want on your site. These are only a few of the many ways the links can be embedded.  

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