Why Smart Insurance Forms?

Smart Insurance Forms: Simplify. Engage. Convert.

There are 3 basic components required to capture and convert customers in the digital age.

  1.  Visibility– Adwords, SEO, Marketing, Branding….anything and everything you can do to let people know you deserve a shot to earn their business.
  2. Engagement– This is first impressions and can be a combination of content or professional perception- depending on the prospect. Sometimes they want to establish your expertise, and often they want to make sure you are a good fit before they get “stuck” talking to you.
  3. Conversion– Turn the engagement into a fully engaged prospect- and ultimately a customer. This can start with a click to call, a request for contact, or an interview style form submission.
This solution you are looking at right now bridges the gap between Engagement and Conversion for customers who are not yet ready to talk.  What good is it if you drive traffic and market like crazy, if customers bounce from your site or don’t engage?  Sure, some will call…but some won’t- and you are limiting your appeal by limiting your options for engagement. The solution for more detailed engagement options is not rocket science…but it is time consuming and evolving….and it was not cost efficient to implement and maintain- until now.

What's Available Now?

  • Mobile Responsive– Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone…the fields rearrange for maximum ease of use on any device
  • Artificial Intelligence– Our decades of agency experience and understanding of the industry allows us to build conditional logic functions that skip unnecessary or redundant questions while drilling down for more detail when necessary.
  • Cognitive Ease- smaller bits of information at a time are easier to process and understand. The use of collapsible sections and screen progressions make large amounts of data appear less intimidating to the user.
  • Easy Configuration- your site does not have to be redesigned or significantly altered. We provide the link for your custom landing pages that can include your logo, and we can assist with implementation if needed.
  • Modular Design-  we consolidate various open source platforms and then optimize/customize them for the insurance industry. As more technology evolves, your conversion tools will too.
  • Internal Efficiency- a hidden gem that slides under the radar is that the same tools that make it easy for customers to provide information can also be used internally. This ensures consistency and accuracy when your agents are collecting data from customers.
  • Workflow Integration- I know…we read your mind!  Not every agency is passing data digitally to/from your CRM or marketing campaigns…at least not yet….but if you are, YES, we can do that.

What's Next?

  •  Prefilled data for easier conversions (home values, autos/drivers registered to that address, business classifications, etc)
  • Real Time integration with select carriers as well as state programs- like the assigned risk and wind pools.

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