Google Ads for Insurance Agencies

Google Ads Don't Stay on Google

Before considering whether digital ads can help your business, you should understand that Google Ads is an advertising platform that is separate from the search engine.  The reach of Google Ads extends well beyond Google searches.  It’s true- you can run ads that only show during specific Google searches…but that’s an expensive proposition, especially for our industry.  The average Google Ad cost per click for searches that include the word “insurance” is $58! That’s right.  Per click!…not per prospect, per call, or per conversion.  What’s the average cost per click across our insurance campaigns?  Around $1-2…give or take.  The reason is because we reach far beyond Google search traffic to reach potential prospects with Google Ads.

Targeting the Right Audience With Google Ads

The object of advertising is pretty straight forward.  Deliver a targeted message to a target audience.  The better your message matches your audience, the better your results will be. The beauty of Google Ads is the ability to define your target audience by demographic or even their personal interests (the kind of apps they use, the sites they visit, the products they buy)…and then to deliver a relevant message to different kinds of audiences.  For example, instead of bidding $58 to get a click when someone searches “[auto, home, health, life, business] insurance”, your ad can be shown to people who have recently Googled one of those terms.  Your ad can appear as soon as minutes after their original search in their browser or on their device (in between apps, games, etc), but you will pay a fraction of the cost if they click on that ad.  This is especially valuable for agents who cannot bind policies online.  The companies who can pay $58 expect to convert that policy on the spot.  As an agent, you likely want them to actually contact you so you can advise them and begin to build a relationship. Not only is targeting the right audience more cost efficient for consultative agencies…it’s more effect at generating the kind of customers you actually want.

How Does Our Google Ad Onboarding Work?

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