Ethical Use of Consumer Behavior and Business Performance Data

As a company whose core value proposition involves the use of tracking technology to observe, curate, and leverage consumer behavior trends on behalf of our small business customers, we believe that it is very important to make our ethical commitments clear and unambiguous.  We are very cognizant of the potentially harmful ways that technology companies (intentional or not) use their knowledge of consumer psychology in ways that can have a negative effect on its own users.  We believe we have an obligation to society at large to use technology wisely and in good faith. While our services are limited to the use or customization of tracking capabilities developed by others and none of our services are inherently polarizing or invasive, we still believe every use of technology comes with requisite responsibilities. This is our commitment to all:


  1. We will not be complicit in allowing our commercial users to leverage our expertise in ways that would result in consumers being led to act against their own interests or willful decision making.
  2. Regarding PII (personally identifiable information)- beyond an affirmed commitment to comply with any and all state and federal guidelines regarding PII, we will never collect PII on any individual consumer passively (ie. without them purposely typing it in and giving it to us).  If it is voluntarily provided for an explicit purpose (ie. the consumer requests a quote for a policy on a website or software that we have access to), we will not store it, sell it, or share it with anyone for any reason other than the explicit expectation of the individual who provided the information. We will not lead our commercial subscribers to be complicit in the passive collection of PII.
  3. We will not request or suggest that any business authorize the sharing of entity level performance data (specific metrics from a particular website or business) unless there is an explicit (preferably written) mutually beneficial relationship between the entity sharing the data and the entity seeing the data.
  4. Participation in a data aggregation group for the purpose of benchmarking and leveraging group performance data will be voluntary on the part of each entity in the group.
  5. Group level aggregate data (totals and averages from across various groups) will be equally accessible to the individual entities that comprise the group and/or synergistic 3rd parties with the consent of the entities in the group.
  6. The use of consumer behavior metadata and entity performance metadata can be leveraged by commercial subscribers so long as it ultimately serves to improve the relationship between users and the businesses who provide services they are seeking, and it does not violate the other core ethical commitments outlined here.

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