Google Ads plus quality tracking equals agency growth

Our combination of Google Ads and quality data tracking have proven to be a pathway to success. Marketing without tracking is like shooting in the dark. We’re here to shine a light and help you grow your agency!


We're committed to increasing visibility and opportunities through digital marketing for Erie Agents.

Take advantage of our decades of experience and start with our time tested campaigns designed to target Erie lines of business and demographics in your area. 

The key to successful long term marketing campaigns is quality tracking. Quality data shows you where and when to make adjustments so you can continuously improve over time.  This allows you to know what is and isn’t working.

More opportunities = more policies


Avg. Cost per Click

Our built in local campaigns target Erie lines of business and demographics to boost your chance of attracting customers that are a good fit for Erie.


Avg. Local Impressions Per month

Build your agency brand locally by appearing on that little billboard in each persons pocket that showed interest in an insurance quote...and do it over and over.


Avg. Contact Intents Per Day

We'll track calls, website visits, quote requests and more, so you can tell where and how customers are finding your agency.

Our team of experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Ad Campaign Manager

Our Ad team leader was a Senior Analyst and Global Product Expert at Google. He worked on development and commercialization of Google's core search ad products. To call him an expert would be an understatement.

Insurance Team

Our Ad and campaign content creators have decades of experience from the insurance industry. They speak the lingo and know what both customers and agents need.

Get Started

$300 Setup Fee

Monthly Cost = $39 + *10% of Ad Budget

Robust Ad Campaigns & Data Tracking

Campaign Ad budget set and charged separately through Google Ads. Recommend a minimum Ad budget of $300-$500 to start. 

*Ad management fee of 10% of set budget with a minimum fee of $50. 


*plus one-time setup fee & Ad Budget

Robust Data Tracking

Can connect your data dashboard to any existing Google platform for tracking. 


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